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Posted in: Archive for February, 2015

During this cold spell nothing warms you up like enjoying a hearty meal. One of my go-to winter favorites is Spaghetti Bolognese, an Italian Meat Sauce that originated in Bologna. (Don't worry, no lunch meat in this recipe) Here’s my recipe, tried and tested. TSG Spaghetti Bolognese: - 1 pound Ground Beef (Use ground turkey or bison if you want. If you want to get really authentic, the traditional dish uses veal!) - 2-3tbs of Oil (I use Laconiko Olive Oil , which we import...

It's chilly in the Port City! You know what that means - time to break out the hot chocolate. We’ve got all sorts of unique items to spice up your hot chocolate here at The Seasoned Gourmet . Start with Silly Cow Farms All Natural Hot Chocolate Mix. We have a variety of flavors, including chocolate truffle and my personal favorite, chocolate moo-use . (Get it?) Or, try out two heaping tablespoons of our Raw Cacao Powder from our spice bar. It’s sugar free, so sweeten to your...