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Posted in: Archive for August, 2016

August Newsletter-Randy Newton Everything Old is New Again Hello Friends, As summer winds down here along the Cape Fear Coast, many of you have probably been to your share of barbeques and shrimp boils, sipped the latest craft brews and swilled a few designer cocktails. However, I’ll bet you haven’t had a shrub! A “shrub”...

Imagine wowing your family and friends with a tempting charcuterie platter. Usually seen on the menus of upscale bistros and restaurants, it is in fact, quite easy to master at home. For avid home cooks and aspiring chefs, having a handle on this ancient culinary art would be a nice skill to have. With fall and the holiday season on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to add charcuterie to your repertoire! Although the methods used in charcuterie were originally aimed at food preservation,...