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Our staff has hand selected the cookware we offer based on quality, durability, and value.  We use these products in our cooking school kitchen and in our homes, and we know first hand that they deliver high performance.  All-Clad's tri-ply stainless and aluminum cookware is sure to please any cook with durability and good performance.  Try the new USA Pan Cookware made in Pennsylvania - it's fantastic quality 5-Ply stainless steel aluminum core cookware at great prices.  Our staff favorite is Culinary Institute of America's 7-ply clad copper core cookware that performs well on all types of stoves and does not warp; it is by far the best cookware we've used for Magnetic Induction cook tops.  This stuff is the Mercedes-Benz of cookware at Toyota prices!  For roasting and braising, Staub's enameled cast iron cannot be beat.  There is something about the way cast iron performs that renders the perfect Beouf Bourguignon and Roast Chicken; you have never had a one-pot meal as good as whatever you throw in your Staub Coquette and roast in the oven - we promise!  If you need authentic carbon steel with it's light weight, quick cooking properties, check out our woks from Joyce Chen & Harold Imports, our crepe pans from DeBuyer and Swissmar, or a perfect Paella Pan from Spain.  Let's get cooking!

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