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Candy and Cookies

We are proud to offer many local and regional candies and cookies in our store, as well as some awesome hand made items from around the country.  Our local selection includes the iconic Goodness Gracie Heavenly Toffee Cookies (as well as a full selection of other Goodness Gracie products) made right here in Wilmington.  Also made in Wilmington, we have Heide's Gourmet Buttermints and Sealed with a Kiss English Toffee.  From around North Carolina, we offer Salem Baking Company's delicious Cookies, Cheese Straws, and Crackers.  From Guittard in San Francisco, we have baking chips in white, semi-sweet, extra-dark, butterscotch and mint, as well as baking bars and the rare Cocoa Rouge.  We have a selection of national and international goodies as well, so if you don't see what you want here, give us a call at 910-256-9488.

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