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Coffee and Tea

Join our Coffee Club:  Purchase 10 pounds (mix and match, any combo of coffees) and receive 1 free pound of your choice!  No time limits, no restrictions, no fees - we keep the records on hand indefinitely, so shop at your leisure in the store, on the phone, or in person.  Be sure to tell us you are a "Coffee Club Member," or that you want to be, when placing your order - we will make it so!  Our selection of fine coffees is roasted by Carolina Coffee Company right here in Wilmington, NC, and by Paramount Coffee in Michigan.  All coffee is roasted to order and delivered to us within 2 days of roasting to ensure the optimum freshness in your coffee cup!  

A Carolina Morning 16oz
Carolina Coffee Company

A Carolina Morning Blend
Carolina Coffee Company

A Carolina Morning Decaf
Carolina Coffee Company

Aerolatte Chrome

Breakfast Blend Coffee

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