The Seasoned Gourmet offers free shipping on orders of $150 or more that ship to any state within the contiguous United States. See exceptions to the free shipping criteria below. Shipping for online orders is not currently available outside of the contiguous United States but may be facilitated by contacting the store at 1-910-256-9488.

Exception: Shipment of large/heavy products to addresses not easily accessed

The free shipping offer DOES NOT APPLY to orders shipping to destinations not readily accessible by tractor-trailer (e.g., a ship-to-address in a remote location, on an exceptionally narrow street or on a road that does not allow for turnaround). In such cases, you will need to make additional arrangements with the designate carrier. The arrangements may involve additional charges for which you will be solely responsible. For example, you may be required to designate a new delivery address; pick up the merchandise at a local terminal; meet the delivery truck at a more accessible location where you will take possession (e.g., end of a long driveway or access road); or arrange for the carrier to consign the shipment to another company able to reach the final designation. Please understand that this exception is expected only in a few cases but should be understood.   The Seasoned Gourmet will not be responsible for any surcharges including but not limited to the above examples. If there are questions concerning this matter, please call us.

Exception: Shipments to water-locked islands

The free shipping offer DOES NOT APPLY to orders shipping to water-locked destinations (e.g., Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Florida Keys, Santa Catalina Island, etc.) when additional fees are required for delivery from the U.S. mainland. The Seasoned Gourmet will ship for free only to a port city located on the U.S. mainland, at which point our customer (or a designee) will take ownership and become responsible for any additional cost incurred in forwarding the merchandise to a final destination.

The recipient of the shipment at the mainland designation should thoroughly inspect the merchandise. By accepting it, any follow-on rights with respect to claims of damage incurred during shipment are waived.


Some large and/or heavy items can only be delivered by a freight company.

When your item arrives at the terminal nearest you, the carrier will call to schedule delivery (residential customers only). Freight shipments are delivered to the curb. The freight company is not responsible for unloading goods or carrying them indoors. Since the driver may or may not assist you, we recommend you have someone available to help. The individual freight company may offer additional delivery services such as liftgate service (unloading the item onto the curb) or inside delivery.  These should be discussed at the time that you are notified of the delivery. These additional services are at the customers expense in consultation with the freight carrier.

It is crucial that you immediately inspect merchandise at the time of delivery, before the driver departs.