Your Guide to Buying the Best Kitchen Gadgets

Feb 03 , 2019

Your Guide to Buying the Best Kitchen Gadgets

There are so many kitchen gadgets out there, and we are here to tell you that they're not all created equal. You may not want to get top quality on every single gadget, but some higher-end appliances are worth it. Here are a few recommendations for how to build up a collection of really useful gadgets. 

1. Fine Mesh Strainer
It is always a good idea to have a fine mesh strainer. We recommend buying one of these before you buy a colander. These strainers are great for rinsing rice, beans, veggies, and also straining pasta. The really small openings ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Check out this one we sell at The Seasoned Gourmet. 

2. Digital Thermometer
In order to know when your food is ready, you really need a digital thermometer. Don't leave it up to guessing, take the temperature of your meat or other items with one of our trusty thermometers, and you won't ever have to worry about food being undercooked again. 

3. A Good Set of Tongs
Tongs are one of the most versatile tools you can have. They're great for picking up hot items, turning items in your saucepan, and for grabbing hard to reach ingredients. Invest in a good pair now and you'll be glad you did. Check out our selection of differently sized tongs here. 

4. Some average knives, and some good knives. 
Don't break your bank on knives... Invest in one or two good ones (such as the Wusthof's we carry here), and fill the rest of your collection with some awesome knives such as these Tovolo ones. They are light-weight, easy to use, and come in fantastic colors!!! They are durable, easy to clean and perfect for everyday use. Perfect for someone who needs to build up their kitchen collection, or as a gift! 

5. Sealing Lids
Keep some re-usable sealing lids around and you'll never have to buy tin foil or plastic wrap again. Better for the environment and for keeping your food fresh. We carry a selection of silicone lids that help keep your food (*in any sized container) fresher for longer! Check them out here.

That's all for now.. check back later for more tips, tricks, and recommendations!